AARON LEVINE, MSW Founder & Lead Consultant

“treatment is not a one-size-fits-all model,”says Aaron Levine, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Three Sixty Healthcare Partners.  “Every individual experiences different struggles, challenges, and corresponding needs as they move from a place of depletion and despair into manifestation and wellbeing.  Three Sixty Healthcare Partners supports this individualized model from an approachable and uniquely attuned vantage point.  We’re not a treatment giant – the individual can too easily get lost there at a time when needing to be seen and understood is of utmost critical importance.  Instead, we work in partnership, and in close, intimate proximity as the transformations unfold.  That’s how we achieve our results; that’s what makes the difference.”

Aaron graduated from Adelphi University, then New York University earning his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees respectively in Social Work.  A frontrunner in his class, he received honors from both institutions, and was presented the prestigious Dean's Award for Excellence in Social Work Practice upon graduation.

Aaron began his behavioral health career in 2006 when he joined a prestigious Southern-based inpatient treatment facility as a Counselor Assistant.  Following this work, he segued to a smaller, community-focused Long Island consulting firm where he worked directly with at-risk teens through the design and implementation of process groups and one-on-one coaching. Transitioning back into New York City in 2012, Aaron joined Beth Israel Medical Center as Relationship Management & Utilization Insurance Specialist, pioneering the creation of the hospitals Utilization Department for Chemical Dependency, and working directly alongside patients as an advocate in treatment.  He oversaw the company’s team of Admissions staff in facilitating entry to their inpatient detox, rehab, and outpatient programs, in tandem with running his own process groups and administering psycho-social assessments. 

In 2014, Aaron was recruited to South Florida by an esteemed and highly revered treatment facility in Boca Raton as an expert Case Manager and Private Practice Therapist. His position entrusted him to provide intensive accountability for patients post treatment, and one-on-one counseling for patients in aftercare requiring additional coaching and Case Management.  Aaron worked intimately with each of the hundreds of admissions he directed; guiding families as their loved ones entered treatment, anchoring patients to the realization of purpose post treatment, and providing 24/7 counsel to those closely-tied seeking clarity during times of unknown.

Through his tenure with the company, Aaron identified a void in the institution-based care model whereby - in many cases - inpatient care could be avoided through intensive individualized support and accountability just prior to an impending addict's decline. This gap in care ignited his passion for creating an organization of his own that could address this void, and thus, in late 2018 Three Sixty Healthcare Partners was born.  

Through his family and client-centric model, Aaron and his team believe a solution-focused advisement approach yields the greatest result.  As such, they govern their practice on a case-by-case, individualized basis, therefore eliminating the bureaucracy and conformity guidelines other institution giants too often fall prey to.

Three Sixty Healthcare Partners believes a solution focused advisement approach yields the ultimate result in supporting individuals as they rise to their greatest potential and reach a most honest, authentic, overall state of sober happiness. 

In addition to providing tailored individual and family services Aaron and his team are also assisting emerging organizations with quality care improvement, streamlining processes, and maximizing revenue through the use of analytics.  


ALIZA SHUR, MPH COO & Health Care Consultant

Aliza is a passionate leader who has devoted many years to studying public health issues such as; addiction, mental health disorders, global health challenges, and healthcare operations. She is a recent graduate from Nova Southeastern University with her Master's Degree in Public Health.  Aliza has been conducting healthcare research for over 8 years and is prolific in reviewing healthcare studies, analyzing and synthesizing data, along with advocating for better healthcare practices through the use of analytics.  

In addition to her background in public health Aliza has worked closely on many projects with at-risk teens through a community outreach organization in New York, and continues to use those skills in the mental health and addiction arena. Aliza is a passionate and personable advocate in addition to having an eye and voice for identifying areas for improvement. She is always ready to help create solutions. Aliza is fearless in the realm of behavioral health when it comes to helping families create and hold boundaries along with a superior ability to hold her clients accountable while still embracing a client-centric model.